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Service Packages for Academic Excellence in Publishing

Welcome to Mim Research Group and Publishing, where we offer comprehensive services to elevate every aspect of academic publishing. Allow us to handle the technical intricacies, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for your journal. Our range of services includes:

Journal Management Assistance: 

We can overlook all the submissions for you and perform required activities for the editorial process to continue, or inform the editors to do the required actions. We may provide performance reports for the editors. No latency will be experienced for the editorial process of the submissions and loss of author time will be prevented.

Submission Enhancement: 

Drawing on our decade-long experience in academic publication, we employ proven methods to organically increase both the quantity and quality of journal submissions. Witness a significant boost in submission numbers and overall quality.

Reviewer Enhancement: 

Let us assist you in finding suitable reviewers for submissions and seamlessly integrating them into your journal's submission system.

Advisory Support: 

Receive tailored recommendations to enhance journal management, facilitating quicker indexing by esteemed databases. Benefit from our consultancy services covering key criteria set by high-reputation indexes.

Submissions System Support: 

We can provide a submission tracking system to a journal and technical maintenance of the system. We can provide consultancy to efficiently use the system.

Social Media Management: 

We can manage the social media accounts for the journal and prepare posts to enhance the visibility of the journal and published submissions.

Website and Graphics Support: 

Allow us to design and maintain a professional journal website, handling all publication procedures seamlessly. Additionally, leverage our expertise in creating suitable logos and graphics for special issues, cover designs, and other unique purposes.

Experience a new standard in academic publishing with Mim Research Group and Publishing - your trusted partner for excellence in scholarly communication.