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MIM RG is an international journal focusing on engineering and materials. Led by an experienced founder, the organization is committed to publishing quality content that adds value to the fields. The editorial team, comprised of experts, ensures the journal's diversity and high standards. The design, editing, and web team combines art with technology for an impactful digital presence. MIM RG actively seeks collaboration, welcoming high-quality research for publication. The organization values feedback from industry professionals and readers to continually enhance the journal. Committed to staying at the forefront, MIM RG invites all to join in exploring the latest in engineering and materials.

Welcome to MIM Research Group

Explore the World of Engineering and Materials
Hello and welcome! MIM Research Grour takes pride in delivering an international journal focused on engineering and materials. Our publishing philosophy centers around the sharing of knowledge and encourages experts in the field to come together for pioneering research in various domains.

Founder Leader and Vision
The founder and leader of MIM RG Dr. Hayri Baytan Özmen aims to bring a wealth of experience to the forefront, embracing a vision to propel our publisher to a prestigious international position. Under their leadership, we aim to publish content that adds value to engineering and material sciences, focusing on quality and impactful contributions.

Our executive committee is compose of the editors of our journal. You can reach the editorial board of the journal from here.

Our Team: Fusion of Knowledge and Experience
At the core of our success lies our editorial team, distinguished by their expertise in engineering and material sciences. Our editors work diligently in evaluating, selecting, and editing articles to ensure the quality and diversity of our journal. This team keeps a close eye on industry developments, striving to represent our journal in the best possible light.

Design, Editing, and Web Team: Where Technology Meets Art
Guiding the visual and technical aspects of our publisher, the design, editing, and web team combines art with technology to effectively communicate our content. This team, with a modern design sensibility and a commitment to technological innovation, strengthens our digital presence and offers our readers a unique experience.

Collaboration and Participation: Join Us on the Journey!
At MIM RG, we believe in the power of knowledge sharing and are open to collaborating with all stakeholders in the industry. We are eager to collaborate with authors who provide high-quality research for publication in our journal. Additionally, we actively seek feedback from industry professionals and our readers to continuously enhance our journal.

MIM RG is committed to providing the latest information in engineering and materials and leading advancements in the industry. Join us, contribute to knowledge, and explore industry developments together!