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Our History

Established in 2014 under the visionary leadership of Dr. Hayri Baytan Özmen, MIM Research Group Publications embarked on a mission to illuminate the frontiers of progress in engineering, materials science, construction, and machinery within the expansive tapestry of the global scientific community. Over the passage of time, the group has consistently curated and disseminated a myriad of scholarly articles, etching its name as a pivotal player in the realm of knowledge proliferation.

In steadfast commitment to advancing the boundaries of intellectual discourse, MIM Research Group has seamlessly woven a tapestry of collaboration with an array of prestigious scientific conferences and symposiums. Serving as an ardent patron of the scientific community, the group actively champions and contributes to the intellectual tapestry of these gatherings, having forged impactful partnerships with numerous distinguished scientific events.

Within the domains of Engineering and Materials, MIM Research Group has orchestrated a harmonious convergence of a multitude of erudite articles, extending the privilege of unfettered access to a discerning audience. These scholarly contributions, penned by esteemed scholars, have garnered a plethora of citations, emblematic of their profound impact within the echelons of the academic community.

Moreover, more than 20 venerable academic indices have recognized and archived these seminal works within their databases, thereby cementing MIM Research Group's indelible footprint within the hallowed halls of scholarly discourse. As a consequential outcome, the group's publications stand not only as a testament to intellectual rigor but also as an invaluable repository propelling the vanguard of research and innovation in the multifaceted landscapes of engineering and materials science.